October 17, 2019


Joanne Shaw Taylor

At the wee age of 16 Joanne Shaw Taylor caught the ear of The Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart.

She’s a guitar slinger. Have six strings, will travel, Taylor makes her Bristol debut on Friday, Oct. 18 at the Paramount Center for the Arts. Bristol’s Matt Smile opens. An aggressive guitarist on stage and on record, Shaw owes a nod toward Mavis Staples for her voice and Jeff Beck for her guitar.

Shaw adheres to a long line of British rockers steeped in American blues. Her latest album, “Reckless Heart,” reverberates as raw. Recorded mostly live, the album establishes a groove along a boulevard of soulful treks into rock (“In the Mood”) and R&B (“I’m Only Lonely”). At the wheel, Shaw drives a style brimmed in showmanship and unforgettable musicianship.

Paramount Bristol